Family law

Seattle Family LawyerAt Lawgena, headquartered in Seattle, our family law lawyers deliver family legal services, with Spanish-speaking lawyers. King County Superior Court information is available at, including English family law forms and Spanish legal forms.  Governing statutory law for much of this area is found in Title 26 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW).  Currently chapters which have application to many clients are:  26.09, family law / marriage dissolution; 26.10, non-parental actions for child custody; 26.19, child support; 26.26, parentage/paternity; 26.33, adoption; 26.44, child abuse / neglect; and 26.50, domestic violence.  New chapters in effect and in the process of being codified, are:  26.04.NEW, whereby a legal union in another state tantamount to marriage is treated as such, but legal marriage must occur within a year of becoming permanent residents; and 26.60.NEW, re:  transition from Registered Domestic Partnership to Marriage.

Lawgena family law services include family legal matters such as child custody and divorce.  Child custody can sometimes be complex, but our goal is to simplify and process through our experienced Spanish-speaking lawyers and staff at our Seattle office or throughout the region. Child Custody .

Whether the child custody involves divorcing / divorced parents via RCW 26.09, or unmarried parents via RCW 26.26, or  sometimes relatives seeking custody via RCW 26.10, Lawgena family lawyers are here to help with child custody matters, for English and Spanish-speaking clients.

Lawgena divorce lawyers focus on client divorce and have Seattle office available.  Again, many laws for Divorce, or Dissolution of Marriage, are found at RCW 26.09, including the start or commencement of the case, temporary orders, trial or finalization of case, and any modifications or changes. Please see our Divorce page .